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Within the legal sector, the drive to reduce or eliminate transcription costs and speed up document turnaround times (TAT) is a powerful one. The time and cost involved in documenting case and client information, contracts and other legal materials is staggering. Traditional reliance on administrative support staff and transcription services drags down productivity and eats into profits.

Many law firms and corporate / government departments are rethinking their internal practices to stay competitive. Thousands of legal professionals are now leveraging modern speech recognition technology to dramatically reduce the time it takes to create documentation and correspondence. Legal professionals can dictate and create contracts, briefs, and emails 3x faster with speeech recogntiion than typing or traditional transcription. Tens of thousands of legal professionals use Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software today to get more done in less time.

Dragon helps to streamline work flow and ease the workloads:

  • Reduce staffing costs, make staff more productive, and steers them toward more billable duties
  • Improve transcription turnaround time to eliminate bottlenecks that hamper efficiency
  • Dragon delivers results 2-3 times faster than most people type

Even those who have evaluated speech recognition software in the past may want to consider taking another look at the technology. Recent advances in both the software itself and the hardware it runs on have yielded significant increases in performance, accuracy, and ease of use.  Law firms can deploy speech solutions broadly to speed document turnaround, reduce transcription costs, and streamline repetitive workflows – without having to change current business processes or information systems. 

Dragon in Action:

Dragon can be used to dictate directly into a variety of applications, including Microsoft word documents, emails, spreadsheets and legal applications such contact management and commonly used Legal Practice Software:

  • Affinity, Infinity 

Dragon is the fastest, most cost-effective approach to empower your lawyers and lower overhead costs.

NZ Case Studies

‘Implementing Dragon has been a brilliant experience for us, It has been hugely beneficial, and delivered tangible and significant cost as well as time savings for us.’
Billings Lawyers
Gordon Gray-Lockhart (General Manager)
See Case Study here

‘Thanks to Dragon we assumed complete ownership of our own documents from beginning to end. There was no more queuing and waiting for documents to be typed up and returned. Each author could now produce and edit their own material without typing, and far quicker and easier than ever before’
Thomas & Co Lawyers
Don Thomas Principal
See Case Study here

Dragon suits your practices workflow

Lawyers who are already dictating documents for others to transcribe can continue to do so without having to change their work-flow. Dragon is integrated with the most widely used digital dictation systems used within the NZ Market:


This offers the flexibility of back-end (completely transparent to lawyers) or front-end (lawyers self-correct) speech recognition workflow, or a combination of both.

Front-end Speech Recognition

  • Authors can create their own documents inside or independent to dictation software using a digital recorders, speechMikes or headset microphones.
  • Documents can then be self-edited (for minor corrections), or sent to a typist for correcting as requried.
  • Speech Recognition is also available outside of the dictation software for dictating emails, notes etc...

Back-end Speech Recognition

  • Completely transparent to the author - they do not even need to know speech recognition is being used.
  • Dictation is transcribed in the background and the typist is presented with a draft transcribed document, ready for correction.
  • Typist can correct mistakes using keyboard and foot-pedals as normal.
  • Predefined templates can be used, or the typist can simply copy and paste text into other applications.
  • Corrections are fed back into the speech recognition system to improve the accuracy of future transcription.

Using speech recognition software can substantially reduce the turnaround time over traditional transcription.

For more information on digital dictation integration look here:

All prices listed in New Zealand dollars excluding 15.00% GST
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