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Improve the efficiency of your organization with improved workflow and employee performance

Winscribe Digital Dictation offers you a departmental or enterprise-wide software solution that covers all your digital dictation and workflow management requirements while providing full patient data security levels.  This will result in accelerated processes, a higher number of patients that can be treated, reduced waiting times, a fast return on investment (ROI) and overall improved patient care.

  • Secure dictation from anywhere with instant transmittal to the transcriptionist for efficient use while maintaining patient confidentiality
  • Flexible dictation device options (i.e. digital handheld recorder, PDA, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Smartphone, PC)  You choose what is best for you.
  • Ability to monitor the status of your work so you can always be informed.
  • Ability to easily integrate with HIS, RIS and EMR systems with end to end document management in WinscribeText
  • Supports HL7 standards
  • Ability to retrieve jobs for review and editing keep documents current and flowing
  • Speech recognition option to reduce transcription workload 
  • Promote work sharing and transcription outsourcing to avoid bottlenecks

Mobile digital dictation – Dictate anywhere

Whether your medical specialists are on the move between different sites, on their way to a congress, at home or at their desks, your organization needs to be flexible to accommodate the demand for mobile dictation in order to keep productivity at a high level. Hardware manufacturers and mobile carriers have combined efforts to produce a range of smart phones that now allow you to take much of your desktop with you. With the Winscribe Mobility Suite it doesn’t matter whether you prefer the BlackBerry, the iPhone or a Windows Mobile smart phone, you can dictate your work on the move, anywhere anytime, with all the capability of desktop digital dictation in your hand. Mobile applications developed specifically for healthcare environments provide physicians with instant access to patient schedules. 

Winscribe MD is an iPhone application that is designed with the busy healthcare professional in mind. Using Winscribe MD, healthcare professionals can capture and manage dictations on their iPhones via secure HTTPS transmission, while incorporating an advanced scheduling system that allows users to view new & existing appointments, patient details and report accordingly. It also provides up to date information and immediate notification of any scheduling changes, all while they are away from their desk.

The easy-to-use application provides the ability to select individual patient information from a census list of their patients, patients in their department or all patients. This unique feature provides unprecedented flexibility for inpatient unscheduled reporting and facilitates better workflow management. Download Winscribe MD from Apple’s iPhone app store free of charge, and find out from your local Winscribe representative how you can take advantage of the full capabilities of Winscribe’s digital dictation system and Winscribe MD.

Winscribe’s Telephony Server makes it possible to create documents using any type of mobile or fixed line phone to dictate the work.  For maximum efficiency, custom prompts can be created to provide voice forms that deliver a series of automated verbal cues so a pre-structured document or patient report can be completed with input provided.

Integrated data systems through WinscribeText Document Management or via HL7

Integration with various patient data information systems not only speeds up the workflow, it also ensures that input information is consistent between systems. A web services-based integration tool offers you the advantages of a totally integrated digital dictation solution based on advanced integration architecture. By providing ‘open standard’ development tools and integration with HIS, RIS and EPR systems, you will experience the benefits of a totally integrated solution for two-way exchange of patient demographic and report tracking information.

Winscribe Text can integrate with your organisation’s EMR, PACS, or another HIS to improve reporting capabilities, reduce duplicate data entry, and to improve your reporting workflow.

Streamline your complex medical documentation creation process through WinscribeText

Eliminating task repetition and allowing for flexible yet accurate and streamlined processes can offer dramatic cost savings to your organisation. Winscribe has developed smart document management solutions that allow you to reduce document turnaround time and increase operational efficiency. From dictation to document generation and management, to document access and distribution we provide an all-in-one tool tailored to the specific needs of the healthcare enterprise.

Optimize your dictation workflow

Efficient management of your workflow involves streamlining your document creation process as well as promoting work sharing. Being able to see the workloads of individual transcriptionists and to reallocate workflows according to your administrative decisions means an optimum use of resources and allows you to proactively identify and correct bottlenecks. The reporting available within the digital dictation system allows for close analysis of individual and group workloads in real time. Typists can work across your IT networks or the internet to get the job done.

Speech Recognition for faster transcription at lower cost

Speech recognition technology can recognise the words you are dictating and ‘type’ them for you. A ‘client-side’ solution allows you to see and edit the words as they appear on your computer whilst you are dictating your job. With a ‘server-side’ set-up your job is sent to a server for recognition before being routed to a transcriptionist or other destination in the flow of work. Both optional methods can be used independently or combined to make document creation more efficient for you.

Why worry about managing software and servers? Let us do the work for you!

If you choose to get the software on an on-demand basis, often referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS) we will manage all software and servers for you which saves you the need to buy, install, maintain or upgrade any of these.



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