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Winscribe Mobile Solutions

Winscribe offer mobile solutions to suit a range of devices, including iPhone, Blackberry and Android. All offer the following key features:

iPhoneUse your smart device's touchscreen to create dictations with ease

  • Winscribe's intuitive user interface with specialized ergonomic design prevents mistyping and user fatigue
  • Authors can create and send dictations to their desired transcriptionist with just a few clicks
  • True single-handed operation, leaving your other hand free to carry out other tasks

Enhanced visibility and control over your dictation workflow

  • Instant feedback that job has been received. Wireless transmission means jobs are available to transcribe right away, eliminating peaks and troughs in the transcription workload
  • Progress feedback as the author sees the job typed and completed. Typist can send back typed DOC or PDF to be reviewed directly on Android smartphone
  • Ensures that important documents are completed on time and that authors have early access to completed documents, even while on the move

Secure transmission of files via HTTPS protocol

  • IT managers do not have to set up and maintain a network of VPN connections, which reduces admin overheads and saves time
  • Ensures client confidentiality, security of patient records, secure handling of cases/other types of confidential data

Digital Dictation for iPhone

Winscribe provides two specialized iPhone applications, one for general use, the other specifically for the healthcare industry. Both applications allow you to use the iPhone’s touchscreen and shake functionality to create dictations with ease. They both feature advanced job routing functionality and let you transmit your recording instantly to a transcriptionist or transcriptionist pool through secure HTTPS transmission, to ensure patient/client confidentiality.

Take control of your practice and eliminate manual data entry with real-time patient scheduling

  • View appointments and patient details on your iPhone and immediately start a recording. Health record data is imported wirelessly from the server into Winscribe MD's patient scheduling feature
  • Real time updates to schedule. Allows you to view details of inpatients that did not have pre-scheduled appointments and continue your work without manually entering patient data into the application
  • Allows physicians to get an easy overview of appointments while on the move. Eliminates data entry errors by cross-checking whether the patient exists in HIS system, improves efficiency and patient turnaround time

Digital Dictation for Android

Winscribe for Android allows you to use your Android enabled phone to create dictations effortlessly, send them instantaneously for transcription and review completed documents on your smartphone, all while on the move.

Winscribe Android

Barcode scanning technology to further automate your dictation process

  • Authors can gather patient/client information by scanning a barcode, QR code or data matrix and attach dictations directly to this record without having to use the Android's soft keyboard
  • IT managers can use a QR code to set up the server, saving time by not having to enter server adresses manually
  • Allows the user to import complex information into the application even more quickly, saving time and improving efficiencies

Geo-location functionality and the ability to attach pictures

  • Allows an author to append his exact location and relevant pictures to a dictation
  • Can be used in many ways, e.g. insurance companies can send out their investigators to accident sites to create dictations on the move, complete with photos and exact location of the incident
  • Mobile doctors/ambulance staff can document the location of an incident while carrying out dictations
  • A picture says a thousand words

Digital Dictation for BlackBerry

Winscribe for BlackBerry allows you to use your BlackBerry to create dictations effortlessly, send them instantaneously for transcription and review completed documents on your smartphone, all while on the move.



All prices listed in New Zealand dollars excluding 15.00% GST
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