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Dictate Directly on your Android or iOS Device Resulting in Immediate Transcription

This is perhaps one of the most commonly requested capabilities among professionals – the ability to dictate into a smartphone or tablet, and have that dictation immediately transcribed into text.

Prior to the release of the Dragon Anywhere app, voice-to-text solutions on mobile devices were limited to a smaller vocabulary that could not be edited, nor could words be trained effectively, and there was no capability for creating auto text (boilerplate text, or repetitious text).

All of that changes with the Nuance Dragon Anywhere App!

About Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere is a professional-grade, cloud-based dictation solution that lets busy professionals work faster and smarter using their mobile devices.
Dragon Anywhere lets you dictate and edit documents by voice on your iOS or Android mobile device quickly and accurately, so you can stay productive anywhere you go

Dictate continuously without time or length limits to create, edit, format, navigate and select text—all by voice.

Work on entire documents on your mobile device simply by talking and seeing the results of your dictation or corrections immediately.

The Dragon Anywhere app delivers personalised, accurate speech recognition with no training required, and it gets even more accurate over time.
Overall, it outperforms the native tools you can find on Word or Google, in both speed and accuracy.

Customise Words

Customise words for accurate recognition of specific industry terminology, company or industry acronyms, proper nouns or personal preferences.

Add words to your vocabulary at any time.

Words are automatically synchronised to your account so they are available on any of your Dragon Anywhere devices or on select Dragon desktop applications such as of Dragon Professional or Dragon Legal NZ.

Shortcut Steps with Voice Commands

Insert frequently-used text passages with a simple voice command, such as:

  • your signature in a letter,
  • a bulleted list of items into a quote,
  • a standard clause in a legal document,
  • custom form to fill out frequently-filled information by dictating,
  • And more!

Create either a simple text command, or a text command with voice fields that you can navigate throughout. Such commands are called auto-texts

Synchronise with Your Dragon Desktop Application

Custom words and auto-texts can be created and are automatically synchronised between your Dragon desktop version application and the Dragon Anywhere app.

If you have multiple mobile devices, dictate on any one of them, provided you use your personal account to automatically synchronise all customisations.

Talk to one of our experts to find out how the Dragon smartphone app works and how it could help you be more productive.

Find out how speech-to-text technology and digital dictation will help you work smarter.

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