Winscribe Text (Dragon Medical Workflow Manager) 10.3 Release

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New name and branding

Winscribe Text has now been renamed to Dragon Medical Workflow Manager and received a new logo.

Following the product name change most of the product components names have also been adjusted. Winscribe Forms have also been renamed to Dragon Medical Forms.

Speech Recognition changes

Dragon Medical Workflow Manager brings further advancements in Speech Recognition functionality for authors and transcriptionists. Desktop now offers users three Speech Recognition modes:

Front-end preview – This mode uses SpeechKit audio mode. When authors are working in this mode they dictate and see recognized text appear on their screen in real time. It is not possible for them to modify the document via the mouse/keyboard. Transcriptionists will play back and edit the jobs.

WS changes

Front-end full – This mode uses non-SpeechKit audio mode. Users working in this mode dictate and see recognized text appear on their screen in real time. Voice commands and auto-texts/snippets are available, and text can be edited via keyboard.

Deferred Speech Recognition – This mode uses SpeechKit audio mode. Authors using this mode simply dictate and send their jobs to the next workflow stage in an audio-only format. Typists receive a first draft and correct the document.

Transcriptionists can now manually add words with written and spoken forms to individual speaker profiles. This ‘Add to speech recognition’ feature is accessible from the context menu, i.e. by right-clicking on the word to be added.

add word

Conditional fields in Forms

Users can now add visibility conditions to check boxes and multiple-choice form fields via the Template Editor in Desktop. Fields will hide and show based on the conditions. The default starting state can be shown, or hidden depending on configuration.

visibility condition

Other changes

Licensing changes – A new ordering/licensing system was launched at the beginning of February.

Nuance PowerMic III – Dragon Medical Workflow Manager supports the Nuance PowerMic III.

Device calibration removal – It is no longer a requirement to calibrate audio devices when logging in to Desktop.

Due and Due Date columns – These two columns have been added to the transcriptionist’s Sent, Distribute and Completed lists. They are not visible by default and must be selected in the column chooser before they appear in the queues.

Category column – The category column is now visible on the transcriptionist’s Groups lists by default.

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