Dragon NaturallySpeaking – Nuance Dragon’s easy-to-use speech-to-text software

dragon naturally speaking

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What can Dragon Naturally Speaking do?

Nuance Dragon (Dragon Naturally Speaking) lets you dictate text anywhere where you normally type and helps you save even more time with features like predefined text, step-by-step commands, and automatic formatting.
Speech recognition technology has come a long way in the last couple of years .
Get more done at work and at home with Nuance Dragon – the world’s leading speech recognition solution. If you’re a busy professional who needs to write lots of documents and emails, take detailed notes or dictate documentation on the go, Nuance Dragon is right for you.
Dragon NaturallySpeaking enables you to create, format and edit documents by voice and allows you create documents up to 3 times faster.

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How accurate is Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

With powerful speech recognition AI emerging, talking to devices is becoming the new normal. In this field, Nuance Dragon software offers professional, highly accurate tools that convert voice to text. The deep learning technology used in Dragon software ensures that the software adapts to your voice/accent, while you are dictating! 
Nuance Dragon (Dragon Naturally Speaking) delivers 99% accuracy with minimal voice profile training required and lets you create comprehensive documents much faster using just your voice!
In Dragon, you can add new words or customize the vocabulary with employee names, acronyms, and specialized terminology. Dragon allows users to quickly create detailed and accurate documents without any spelling errors.

Stay competitive with Nuance Dragon speech recognition

Many New Zealand organisations and businesses are rethinking their internal practices to stay competitive. Nuance Dragon allows you to spend less time on emails and document creation and more time on activities that actually boost the bottom line.
Speech recognition is one of the key technologies New Zealanders have embraced in recent years to help them boost productivity, enable remote working, and support compliance.

A complete, enterprise-ready speech recognition solution for dictating and transcribing documents drives professional productivity, enabling your employees to spend more time on customers and the business and less time on administrative tasks.
Best-in-class speech recognition solutions like Dragon can help businesses and organisations stay competitive and compliant by streamlining documentation processes and automating routine administrative tasks – all by voice.

What programs does Dragon NaturallySpeaking work with?

Nuance Dragon (Dragon NaturallySpeaking) allows you to dictate into Word documents, web pages, Microsoft Outlook, Word, and almost every other application. To put it simply, you can use Dragon almost anywhere where you see a blinking cursor.
Find out which of the Nuance Dragon products is right for you and your business. Talk to one of our experts today!
Call 09 3003030 (Auckland) or send us a message

Find out how speech-to-text technology and digital dictation will help you work smarter.

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