How Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) will revolutionise how we work

Automatic Speech Recognition ASR in the workplace for more efficiency

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Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), also known as Speech to Text (STT) or computer speech recognition, lets you transcribe a given audio to text. It has many applications, such as voice user interfaces that allow the user to interact with a system through voice or speech commands. The software identifies words spoken aloud and converts them into readable text or commands.

Free speech recognition tools like Windows Dictation or Google Speech Typing have a very limited vocabulary and may only identify words and phrases when spoken clearly and without any accent.
More sophisticated software, like Nuance Dragon speech recognition, can handle natural speech, different accents and you can even import lists of words you frequently use.

Speech recognition and voice recognition are not the same

Speech recognition and voice recognition are two different technologies and should not be confused:
Speech recognition is used to identify spoken words.
Voice recognition is a biometric technology for identifying an individual’s voice.

Nuance Dragon speech-to-text software like Dragon Medical One can adapt to the highly variable and context-specific nature of human speech. The software algorithms that process and organize audio into text are trained on different speech patterns, speaking styles, languages, dialects, accents and phrasings.
The software also separates spoken audio from background noise that often accompanies the signal.

Automatic Speech Recognition will help us become more efficient

Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we work by making our communication and task completion faster and more efficient. With ASR, tasks that previously required manual input can now be done hands-free and with improved accuracy. For example, doctors can complete clinical documentation up to three times faster and more accurately with speech recognition, saving time and reducing errors.

Main advantages of speech recognition in the workplace

Increased Speed: Speech Recognition tools like Nuance Dragon can transcribe speech much faster than a human, allowing us to complete tasks faster and more efficiently.

Improved Accuracy: Speech Recognition can transcribe speech with a very high degree of accuracy, reducing the chances of errors and the need for manual correction.

Reduced Manual Input: With Speech Recognition you can automate tasks that previously required manual input, such as data entry and transcription.

Keep up and take advantage of Speech Recognition

Recent advancements in machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) have enabled Speech Recognition technology to become way more accurate and flexible, making it an increasingly attractive option for businesses.

Speech-to-text technology is being applied to automate repetitive tasks and improve overall workflows: For instance, instead of an employee spending time trying to find a specific document, they can simply ask for it with their voice, and the speech recognition AI will locate it.

If you are interested in learning more about Speech Recognition and how it can help your organisation become more efficient contact us now!

Find out how speech-to-text technology and digital dictation will help you work smarter.

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