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A smooth and easy documentation workflow with AI-powered medical speech recognition

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Streamline your documentation workflow and free up time for more important things!

"It was life-changing for me and my practice"

Dr Zoe Hutchinson
GP & Clinical Director
for Ely North Primary Care Network

A new smooth and easy documentation workflow​

Dragon Medical One helps doctors cope with the administrative burden and empowers them to create comprehensive clinical documentation way more efficiently using just their voice.

Clinicians report 45% less time spent in documentation with Dragon Medical One: Achieve up to 130 words/min with speech recognition vs. 40 words/min typing.

Dragon is very easy to use and its language model comes with a large library of specialist medical vocabulary.

Additional features like predefined text, automatic formatting and voice commands will help you save even more time.

Find out how you can streamline your documentation and free up time for more important things.

Join over 550,000 clinicians worldwide
who are already using Dragon Medical One speech recognition
to free up time for more important things.

Dragon Medical one NZ speech recognition for doctors

“Dragon speech recognition gave us quite considerable time back and we talk about at least a 30% reduction of time spent in documentation.”

Dr Pieter Nel
Chief Digital Director Medical Services
Mackay Health Service