Philips SpeechMike protects medical staff through hygienic working

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A hygienic work environment is now more important than ever for medical professionals. Even though hospitals and practice areas take appropriate preventive measures to prevent infections, your dictation microphone also requires attention to ensure it’s hygienic for your daily dictation use.

Protection by Philips

Philips SpeechMike dictation microphones come with a special hygienic housing, suitable for the medical environment. The material used for the device has been tested according to the high-quality standard of ISO, preventing colonization of germs and improving the efficiency of the usual disinfecting measures.

Easy Disinfection

The entire Philips SpeechMike can be cleaned and disinfected with conventional cleaning agents which will not alter its unique properties. We recommend dedicated cleaning cloths for the medical field, such as the Bacillol 30 wipes for example.

Full instruction sheet:
SpeechMike Cleaning Instructions for Hygienic Working in Healthcare

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