Jabra Engage 75 Wireless Headset

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Jabra Engage 75 Wireless Headset

The flagship in wireless multi-device connectivity allows users to switch seamlessly between calls on desk phones, softphones and mobile phones. Up to 8h talk time in wideband sound mode. Received the maximum 6-star dictation accuracy from Nuance.

Stay in Touch around the office – one headset for all your phones

Today’s business cards often feature different numbers for desk, mobile, and softphones. The result? You find yourself grabbing your mobile just as the caller gives up and tries the desk phone instead! Designed with busy managers and specialists in mind, Jabra Engage 75 can save you a lot of hassle. Thanks to Multi-use technology, all your phone calls come to the same headset. Just tap the talk button and start talking.


The Engage Mono offers the ultimate in connectivity. Specifically designed for executives, managers and other professionals, this headset enables employees to connect with their mobile, desk, and softphone, simultaneously. The dual microphone features Noise Blackout technology, which filters out background noise for clearer, more professional conversations.

User-friendly Touch screen base

The three devices – desk, mobile and softphone – are united by a stylish touch screen base. The base connects to your headset via DECT – a technology characterized by its reliable, long range capabilities – offering a wireless range of up to 150m. Equipped with a SmartSetup wizard, the touch screen helps you connect phones and choose preferences to get started. Once you’re up and running, its colorful icons and intuitive menu system make call-handling a breeze.

Unbeatable sound

Several state-of-the-art sound technologies enable the Jabra Engage 75 to deliver unrivaled call clarity and safety. A dual microphone Noise BlackoutTM system with advanced Digital Signal Processing practically eliminates all background noise, so your voice can always be heard clearly. Wideband quality ensures that the sound you hear is crystal clear, while SafeTone technology protects your hearing.

  • Multiuse connectivity: desk, soft and mobile phones
  • Touch screen base with SmartSetup wizard
  • Dual microphone Noise BlackoutTM system
  • Wideband sound (150 Hz – 6,800 Hz)
  • Full hearing protection with Jabra SafeTone
  • Up to 150m wireless range
  • Minimal energy consumption with Jabra IntelliPower
  • Superior comfort with 3 wearing styles
  • Up to 10 hours of talk time

Product Highlights

Ease of use

  • Up to 150m* wireless hands-free telephony with DECT and DEC T 6.0 with CAT-iq technology
    Long-range and reliable connectivity gives users the freedom to multi-task with maximum efficiency and answer phone calls from any location in the office.
  • Multiuse connectivity – desk, soft, and mobile phone (mobile phone connects to headset base via Bluetooth®)
    Allows users to switch seamlessly between calls on desk phones, softphones and mobile phones.
  • Talk time up to 8h in wideband sound mode and up to 10h in narrowband sound mode
    No need to charge the headset for a full working day.
  • Headset controls:
    – Multifunction button
    – Headset touch panel
    Includes remote answering/ending of calls, voice-activated dialing, call rejection, redial function, and swapping between held calls. Volume control and microphone mute.
  • 2.4” Touch-sensitive screen in Q-VGA resolution for call handling, system configuration and setup wizard
    Intuitive touch screen call management. Shows active phone devices and lets you redial. Easy system configuration with SmartSetup wizard and auto setup.
  • Standby time 46h Less need to charge the headset.
    Voice recording from the desk and mobile phone Save your conversations on a PC (PC recording application required).


  • 3 wearing styles:
    – Headband
    – Earhook (accessory)
    – Neckband (accessory)
    Swap easily between different wearing styles and attach the headset to whichever ear the user prefers.
  • Headset weight 28g. Lightweight office headset.


  • Wideband sound and Duo Core DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
    Hear and be heard with digitally enhanced speech and sound in wideband quality. Helping users hear what customers are saying, this feature enhances understanding and call efficiency.
  • Supports both wideband (150-6,800 Hz) and narrowband (300-3,400 Hz) to match phone system
    Close integration with the specific type of phone system means better call clarity for both parties. Bandwidth can be selected per phone.
  • 2-microphone Noise BlackoutTM technology
    State-of-the-art noise-canceling reduces distractions by almost eliminating background noise, so only the user’s voice is transmitted.
  • Jabra SafeTone technologies
    Protects users’ hearing by cutting off sound spikes and sudden loud noises (PeakStop™ protection). Secures safe average sound levels throughout the day (IntelliTone™). Fully compliant with noise-at-work legislation.


  • E-hooks and free drivers available on www.jabra.com/pcsuite
    Users can answer/end calls up to 150m away from their soft and desk phone.
  • Minimal energy consumption with Jabra IntelliPower system
    Headset and base go into sleep mode when not active. The screen display is automatically dimmed and a switch mode power supply ensures reduced power consumption. This saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Security: encryption between headset and connected device
    Secure conversation. No one can listen in on your conversations.
  • Security: Kensington Lock Theft protection of the base.


  • APAC region – Two-year limited warranty
    With GN Netcom’s no fine print 2-year warranty, you’ll enjoy worry-free ownership

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