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Tuesday 8th August 2023 12:30pm

Easing the documentation burden for GPs & Medical Specialists

Complete documentation up to three times faster with AI-powered medical speech recognition.
30min Webinar

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"It was life-changing for me and my practice"

Speech recognition: A huge time saver

It’s a challenging time to be a GP or physician with workforce shortages and burnout numbers higher than they have ever been. Practices are struggling to find and retain staff while existing doctors are working overtime to try and meet demand.

Dragon Medical One is a high-calibre conversational speech recognition software that helps doctors cope with the administrative burden.

It empowers doctors to create comprehensive clinical documentation way more efficiently using just their voice.

Find out how you can streamline your documentation and free up time for more important things.

Learn how speech recognition will help you

Clinicians report 45% less time spent on clinical documentation with ai powered speech recognition.

Dragon Medical One

“Our team has reduced the time spent on documentation from around 4-5 minutes per patient to 2.5 minutes per patient.”

Dr Andrew Brier
FACEM, MBBS, Staff Specialist, Emergency Physician
Mackay Base Hospital, Queensland

Read the case study: Mackay Base Hospital in Queensland 

Don't miss out on this webinar if

  • You regularly work overtime to stay on top of your clinical documentation workload.
  • Your typing speed is average (< 40 words/minute vs 130 words per minute delivered by speech recognition)
  • You feel like you’re not always spending enough time with patients during appointments.


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Fast, accurate and flexible

Dragon Medical One is a secure, cloud-based speech recognition solution that integrates seamlessly with your clinical portal, electronic medical records, Microsoft Word & Outlook and other software.
It allows clinicians and other medical professionals to document the patient record across different platforms and devices regardless of physical location.

Dragon Medical One comes with a dedicated medical dictionary which is customised to your subspecialty. It let’s you achieve 99% accuracy with very little voice profile training required, and a single cloud-based profile that is auto-established at first use.

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Dragon Medical one NZ speech recognition for doctors

“Dragon speech recognition gave us quite considerable time back and we talk about at least 2min per patient being given back to every clinician, which is a 30% reduction of time spent in documentation.”

Dr Pieter Nel
Chief Digital Director Medical Services
Mackay Health Service

Read the case study: Mackay Base Hospital in Queensland 

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Advanced speech recognition delivers faster, simpler, and more complete clinical notes and documentation with 45% less time spent in documentation.

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