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Your speech-to-text and dictation software experts

Gone are the days of manual typing, reporting and document creation. It takes too long and shifts the focus away from customer service. Focus instead on building relationships with your clients.
Empower your people to perform well by harnessing their core skills and strengths. Do this by stripping away the mundane with the right technology; digital dictation and speech recognition technology from Sound Business Systems. 
We help all industries including the legal, medical and corporate world, and we work with all sizes from sole practitioners to some of the largest firms in New Zealand. No matter where in New Zealand you are located, Sound Business Systems travels to you so get in touch today to arrange a demo. 

Industry leaders in speech recognition software for New Zealand

We have been in the business of document creation and dictation for more than 20 years. From the earliest days of tape dictation in the 1980s, to the entry of stand alone digital dictation and networked digital solutions in the 1990s, through to the emergence of modern speech recognition technology, Sound Business Systems has seen it all. 

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Faster, more efficient and flexible document creation

Go hands free and use your voice instead with Dragon speech recognition software, available through Sound Business Systems.
Speech recognition reduces the time it would normally take to type out lengthy notes with built-in voice to text capabilities. Your employees can take notes, report findings or send instructions back to HQ from wherever they are providing absolute flexibility and reduced turn-around time.

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Hassle-free installation & excellent after sales support

A team of highly competent technicians comprise the support crew at Sound Business Systems. Each has encyclopaedic knowledge of the dictation and speech recognition products supported by Sound Business Systems.
Your technician will be with you from start to finish, taking care of your installation, training and after sale support. If you require urgent help, know that a team member from Sound Business Systems is only a phone call away.

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We enable you to do more with technology

Do you wish to streamline the process of documentation in your workplace? Seek expert advice and choose the right solution for your needs with Sound Business Systems. Contact us today to get started.
If you prefer to outsource your typing, try the transcription services provided through Expresstype. There is no subscription or membership fee - you choose when you want to use this service.

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We help you find the best voice-to-text software, digital dictation solution, and equipment for your needs!
The Sound Business team has vast experience in matching the right products to business requirements with specialist knowledge in the products developed for the healthcare and legal industries.
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