Philips SmartMeeting

A revolutionary new speech technology solution that can turn every meeting into an instant transcript

HD Audio and Video Conferencing Solution with Sembly Meeting Assistant Software

Works with all major platforms: Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom and GoToMeeting

4K high-definition video and phenomenal audio quality.

Voice ID for clear speaker separation

Automatic minute taking to help you focus on your meetings


SmartMeeting HD Audio and Video Conferencing Solution

With 4K high-definition video, enhanced pan/tilt and zoom and automatic voice tracking, Philips SmartMeeting Conferencing devices capture every person in the room with phenomenal video and audio quality.


Sembly: Automated
meeting minutes and insights

The Philips SmartMeeting Solution and Sembly Meeting Assistant software take part in meetings with you as your dedicated note takers.
The Sembly software creates automatic transcripts, summaries and highlights action points and to-dos for you. It helps you find out who said what easily and quickly after every meeting, even if you could not attend.
  • Record your meetings with Philips SmartMeeting + Sembly
  • Transcribe and extract meaning from your meetings: smart summaries, actions, requirements, issues and risks detection
  • Review your meetings on the Sembly App and share transcript or automatically generated meeting minutes with anyone
Sembly meeting assistant
Sembly philips smart meeting audio and video conference

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