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Digital Dictation: Capturing the spoken word and turning it into a document

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Philips Speech Live

Philips SpeechLive

SpeechLive is a secure cloud-based dictation solution.

It allows both author and typist to work from anywhere, no software required, while retaining important business workflows.

Digital Dictation offers flexibility, security and functionality

For the busy professional be it within law, finance or healthcare, digital dictation is a well proven technology that offers the facility to capture dictation for subsequent typing, much like traditional tape based methods of old. 

Where digital systems differ is in their flexibility, security and functionality, which offer previously unattainable levels of clarity, speed and freedom.  The inconvenience of returning to the office to drop off tapes is removed thus increasing flexibility, reducing overheads and increasing productivity. 

There are a range of input options.  Users can select from a smartphone mobile solution, which is great for the remote authors or a dedicated dictation hand held device for PC download when in the office. 

Digital Dictation offers

benefits of digital dictation

Manage your dictation workflow.