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New version of Philips Speechlive

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Philips released a new improved version of SpeechLive at the end of 2023. You can find more information on the new Speechlive features here. The upgrade is free for all existing Speechlive users. If you and your team haven’t already switched to the new interface, we encourage you to try it! Just click the button on the menu bar at the top of your Speechlive.

Try the new Speechlive

The new SpeechLive interface is very intuitive and brings a whole new level of functionality: It offers progress reports, extended third-party webhooks and API, and an integrated web recorder for dictations.

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When you switch to the new interface all your transcriptions and recordings will still be there, only the user interface changes to the new version. You can revert back to the old version at any time.
We encourage all existing Speechlive users to switch to the new version as the outdated version will no longer be updated.
If you are a current customer and have any questions please reach out to our friendly Sound Business Support team: .

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