Legal professionals survey shows how speech recognition saves 1 to 6 hours in a typical day

NZ Legal professionals survey shows how speech recognition saves 1 to 6 hours

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The nature of work has changed. After years of disruption, employees have new expectations and many employers in the legal sector are listening, exploring how they can empower their people to get the most out of their working days.
Nuance Communications recently surveyed legal professionals in Australia, in a range of roles from organisations of different sizes, to review how the nature of work has changed.

According to this survey, today, around 42% of legal professionals work in a hybrid environment, whilst 7% are fully remote working. 52% of participants say, by working remotely they can better manage their day and 46% claim higher productivity. However, 36% don’t have all the office tools at hand when they are working from home.

The rising burden of admin in the legal industry

There is a rising burden of admin in the legal profession, with over half of legal professionals spending at least four hours a day typing for work. 28% of legal staff spend a staggering 6 to 10 hours per day typing. 62% say that admin tasks take time away from adding value to their clients and that technology could be used to save time.

As competition for talent grows, it’s important to keep staff happy! And that’s a challenge when 69% say their job would be more enjoyable, if admin tasks took less valuable time.
Speech is the natural way for humans to communicate. With many respondents sharing how much easier they explain concepts, thoughts and responses when speaking.
Almost half of legal professionals claim key details are sometimes missed when typing information instead of speaking.
On the other hand, 70% thought companies which use technology such as speech recognition are more likely to retain and attract talent. An overwhelming 90% of speech recognition users say it helps to reduce the admin burden.

More and more legal professionals use speech recognition to save time

In the legal industry, there is clearly a demand for speech recognition: 93% of legal professionals are saying their company is looking to implement this technology between now and the next 18 months. Dragon Legal Anywhere speech recognition has a specialised legal vocabulary trained using millions of words from legal documents for optimal recognition accuracy.

So what surprised legal professionals about Dragon speech recognition?
Many were impressed with Dragon’s 99% accuracy and 67% were amazed that Dragon can type at up to 160 words per minute. The fact that Dragon can be cloud-based and portable was highlighted by 47%.

Many organisations in the legal industry have already embraced speech recognition and its multiple benefits. 43% have saved between 1 to 6 hours in a typical day. And with that time, 48% have improved client relationships.
44% have been able to focus on proactive ideas and 31% have been able to finish work early to spend time with family and friends.

You can dramatically improve your organisation’s productivity and efficiency, regardless of your working environment with Dragon Professional speech recognition!
Find out more about Dragon Legal Anywhere here

source: Legal Professionals Survey, Nuance Communications, Inc.

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