The best Dictation Workflow Management Software: Philips Speechlive vs Olympus OM System

peechlive vs Olympus Om dictation workflow management

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Over the past couple of years, work environments have undergone a profound transformation, embracing flexible arrangements and remote work setups. Collaborative tools and technology have become integral, fostering a shift towards hybrid models that prioritize both productivity and employee well-being.

Dictation Workflow Management is tricky because it involves juggling various stages—recording, transcribing, and organizing dictations—while ensuring seamless coordination among users. Its crucial role lies in streamlining communication and enhancing productivity, which directly impacts the efficiency of business operations.

Olympus: A reliable system without bells and whistles

The Olympus OM Dictation Workflow Management system offers a robust platform for managing dictations, facilitating file transfers, and organizing recordings. For businesses seeking a reliable system without the need for the latest bells and whistles, the Olympus OM system could still be a practical choice.

Dictation management in hybrid or flexible work environments

But for companies with hybrid or flexible work environments looking for more advanced functionalities, seamless integration with other tools, or a sleeker user experience, Philips SpeechLive might be a better fit.
The Olympus OM Dictation Workflow Management system might not be the top choice for remote or hybrid work setups due to potential limitations in its remote accessibility and collaborative features.

Philips SpeechLive is a browser-based web app, which means it’s an easy no-touch installation and accessible from any location with internet connectivity. It offers real-time job status and completion tracking and allows for automatic or manual distribution of tasks.

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Streamline your dictation workflows with automations

Advanced workflow routing allows authors and typists to automate the distribution of dictations or transcriptions to specific individuals or groups within an organization based on predefined criteria. It enables sophisticated customization of how dictations or documents move through the workflow, ensuring they reach the right people for transcription, review, or approval, streamlining the entire process efficiently.

The new version of Philips SpeechLive also offers progress reports, extended third-party webhooks and API, and an integrated web recorder for dictations.

Built-in speech recognition is a game changer

Philips SpeechLive now has built-in speech recognition technology, empowering users to transform recorded audio files into text swiftly.
Speech recognition significantly eases the workload for typists by converting spoken words into text. Rather than starting from scratch and typing out entire documents, typists only need to review and correct the transcribed text generated by the speech recognition software. This process saves substantial time and effort, allowing typists to focus on refining and correcting the dictated text, rather than the laborious task of manual transcription from audio recordings.

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Dictation workflow management is adapting to hybrid, more collaborative work environments. While Olympus offers a reliable platform, SpeechLive’s innovative tools, including built-in speech recognition and seamless workflow automation, cater to modern demands, redefining how businesses streamline their dictation processes in evolving work environments.

If your organisation currently uses Olympus OM and you are interested in SpeechLive please get in touch via the contact form below. We currently have a special offer for Olympus OM customers.
The migration from Olympus OM to SpeechLive works seamlessly and all existing Olympus hardware is compatible with SpeechLive.
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