Dragon Medical One Speech Recognition: Work effectively from home and the clinic

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We understand the current and future need for many of our New Zealand healthcare customers to be able to work remotely, or from more than one location.

Dragon Medical One speech-to-text software (formerly Dragon NaturalSpeaking) is a highly advanced cloud-based medical speech recognition solution. Clinicians, physicians and other healthcare professionals are able to dictate “voice-to-text” directly into most patient record systems, as well as email and other documents, saving them time, freeing up support staff to be able to focus on other tasks and significantly reducing turnaround time for letters and the costs associated with in-house or outsourced transcription services.

Create accurate, detailed letters, notes and reports quickly and easily by voice, from any PC or server with DMO installed, leaving you more time to focus on patient care.

Key Features and Benefits of Dragon Medical One

  • Highly accurate medical speech recognition
    The most advanced medical speech recognition available with all medical specialties included.
  • Affordable subscription-based service
    Low up-front cost and quarterly payments
  • Hassle-free remote set-up
    We will provide remote installation, set-up and one on one training as well as ongoing support and guidance.
  • Windows PC, server & tablet compatible
    Lightweight application that runs seamlessly on any Windows device.
  • Single, secure cloud-based user profile
    Your profile including any custom commands, macros and templates, follows you from room to room and location to location.
  • Compatible with most Patient Management Systems (PMS)
    Dictate directly into most PMS as well as email, Word documents etc.
  • Power Mic Mobile
    Turns any smartphone, iOS or Android into a microphone while at the PC. To find out how we can help you be more productive and efficient!

Find out how speech-to-text technology and digital dictation will help you work smarter.

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