Winscribe DD 5.0 Release

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Nuance have announced that a new release of Winscribe Dictation will be available in May.


Speech Recognition

SpeechKit (Nuance Document Management System) is now supported for both front-end and back-end Speech Recognition.

Front-end SR – Voice commands and auto-texts/templates are available, and text can be edited via the keyboard. If additional audio is added/inserted to the recording it is always appended at the end of the audio, even though text is inserted at the cursor position. Transcriptionists can play back the continuous unsorted audio and correct the text, but text/audio syncing is not available.

Deferred Recognition (Back-end SR) – Authors can insert/overwrite audio. Transcriptionists can play back the sorted audio and correct the recognised text, but text/audio syncing is not available.

Winscribe Author Plus

Winscribe Author is end of life and will be automatically upgraded to Author Plus. This is part of the initiative to modernise applications by replacing VB6 components with .NET ones.

WS Release


Licensing changes – A new ordering/licensing system was launched at the beginning of February.

Olympus DS-9000/9500 configuration – Winscribe Importer can now configure lists DS-9000/9500. This is also supported in Audio Importer Plus.

OS support – Winscribe Dictation 5.0 no longer supports Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

.NET Framework – All .NET components have been upgraded to .NET 4.6.


Gold Release: Friday 31st of May 2019


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